Directorate of Material Quality & Water Quality Control Cell, Central Engineering Laboratory Directorate

Responsibility of Water Quality Control Cell

• Water Quality Control Cell is responsible to monitor the Quality of Drinking Water From Source up to consumer’s end.

• To ensure the Quality of Drinking Water at the sources during treatment to advise the chemical dosing and effective chlorination for disinfection of Water borne disease / bacteria.

• To monitor the quality of water supplied to the VVIP Building like Aiwan-e-Sadar, Prime Minister House, Prime  Minister Secretariat, Supreme Courts building Parliament House, Parliament lodges, Minister enclave, Diplomatic Enclave, Four Provincial Houses and all Secretariat blocks.

• To Monitor the Quality of drinking Water of Public Drinking Water
Filtration Plants being the prime demand of consumers of Islamabad


Deputy Director

Water Quality Control Cell


Senior Chemist

Water Testing Laboratory

(Deputy Director

on Look After Charge)

Assistant Director

Senior Research Assistant



Facilities available in Water Quality Control Laboratory


• Physical and Chemical Analysis of Drinking Water:







 Total Hardness

 Total Coliform (MPN/100ml)



 Calcium  Hardness

 Fecal Coliform (MPN/100ml) 


 Taste &Odour

 Magnesium  Hardness

 E.coli (+Ve/-Ve)


 Electric Conductivity




 pH Value

 Nitrite - NO2








 Free .R. Chlorine



• Equipment :


 Digital and Traditional Thermometers


 Electric Conductivity Meter: HACH 44600


 pH Meter: HANNA HI 2100


 Turbidity Meter: Merck Turbiquant 1500T


 Chlorine Meter:  Merck Spectroquant Picco Cl2


 Titration Method,  Glassware, Chemical/Reagent 


 Water Distillation Unit: Yamato AutoStill WG-510 


 Incubator Yamato IS600


 Sample Storage: Joun MiniArtic


 Electronic Balance:  Denver Instrument AA-250


 Magnetic Stirrer: Advanctec SR-300


Facility Required

• Technical Staff  for round the clock monitoring.

• Equipments/Chemical for testing of all water parameters mentioned in W.H.O. / NSDWQ standards for drinking water and to compete all other water testing laboratories.

• Vehicles for collection of samples on regular basis from source up to consumers end. One of the vehicle will be converted in to mobile lab for spot testing of drinking water.


Material Quality

C.E.Laboratory was established in 1962, to meet the growing needs of quality assurance / control of projects in Capital City of Islamabad.

Main Functions:

• Quality assurance testing & monitoring of  CDA & Non CDA projects.

• Pavement Design of new roads / highways.

• Rehabilitation design of existing roads / highways.

• Bearing capacity determination of soil / rock for CDA & Non CDA  projects and advise regarding the foundation.

• Advice regarding suitability of material for construction of building / road purposes.

• Water Quality testing and monitoring at source and at consumer end.

Contact Details

Old Naval Headquarter Building, Sector G-6, Islamabad

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