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Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz

Islamabad’s first elected Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz is a positive political change in Islamabad. He was born in Kot Addu, Muzafargarh (30-10-1962), and shifted to Rawalpindi in late 1960’s and later completed his Masters in Business Administration.
Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz has, therefore, lived most of his life in Islamabad and is naturally dedicated and inclined towards developing Islamabad into a world-class city.
His top priorities, as Mayor, include provision of clean drinking water, pollution free environment, better traffic management, improving public transport, investing in sports, promoting tourism and culture, and catering to the city’s basic needs of education and health.
Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation is one of the largest local councils in Pakistan. It has jurisdiction over 906 square kilometers with a population of over 2 million.
Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation Council comprises of 77 members out of which 50 members are directly elected by the public and 27 are elected on the basis of different categories including women seats, youth, minorities, farmer/labor and technocrat seats.

Political background

Sheikh Anser Aziz, belonging to Shahpur, Sargodha, has always been an active and dynamic political worker of PMLN.
Sheikh Anser Aziz was arrested by Musharraf’s government after October 1999 and was kept in solitary confinement for several months, because of his close affiliation with the Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
Sheikh Anser Aziz was appointed as Member of Central Working Committee (CWC) in 2012 by Party President Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif as commendation of his services rendered for PML (N) especially during his exile from October 1999 to 2008. CWC is the highest level committee in the political party PML (N).
He was appointed as Member Board of Governors NAVTEC in January, 2016 and was elected as the first Mayor of Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation on 15 February, 2016.

Personal Life

Sheikh Anser Aziz is married with three daughters and a son. He is a member of Islamabad Club since 1997.Sheikh Anser Aziz is patron of several organizations and has a long-standing commitment to various organizations such as “Keep the Islamabad Clean and Green”.