Directorate of Geological & Hydrological

Preparation of Geological maps of sectoral and urban areas of Islamabad. Rendering advice on foundation design whenever sought. Rendering advice to Tube Well Division regarding Tube Well design and advice of setting up of Crusher Plants. Preparation of log charts of bore holes and advice for setting up of queries of building and road making material.

Monitoring of all Tube Wells regularly. Preparation of data regarding draw-down discharging. Monitoring and instrumentation of Simly Dam. Keeping record of all seismic activities in Capital Area as well setting of Metrological Stations in Capital Area and keeping record of rain fall, temperature, humidity etc.Measuring discharge of all nullahs, streams and rivers in Islamabad. Setting up gauging stations on different steams in Islamabad and study of post flood affects and preparation of reports

Contact Details

Mauve Area, Water Testing Laboratory Building, Near Police Foundation Office, G-10/4, Islamabad.

Phone# 9106341/9106342