Directorate of Security

  • The security of the premises of MCI & its assets.
  • Verification of antecedents of MCI Employees, Certificates/Degrees and affectee's. Collection of information on security and corruption issues.
  • Submission of security/situation reports to the MCI.
  • Assistance to Directorate of Water Supply for watch and ward/security of key points.
  • Reporting of malpractices/irregularities such as corruption, misuse of transport, manpower, checking of attendance, pilferage and short comings etc.
  • Implementation of orders of the Mayor where required. Security, watch and ward of MCI premises.
  • Night patrolling. Occasional checking of stores. Liaison with Civil Administration. Collection and issuance of security passes for National Assemply, Senate, VVIPs visit as and when required.
Contact Details

Block IV, CDA Main Secretariat, G-7/4,Islamabad

Phone# 9252994 / 9252993 / 9252490