Directorate of Coordination

Functions to be performed under direct supervision of the Mayor.

  • Circulation of agendas for Executive Meetings, circulations/distribution of MCI decisions, progressing and follow up action thereof.
  • Issue of all Mayor Orders and Instructions.
  • Arrangements in connection with National Assembly/ Senate Sessions.
  • Circulation of agendas for Executive meetings, circulations/distribution of MCI decisions.
  • Issue of all MCI orders and instructions.
  • Coordination of MCI with outside (like National Assembly, Senate, Interior Division etc.)
  • Arrangements in connection with National Assembly / Senate Sessions.
  • All case pertaining to different Directorates coming in or going out of the Secretariat being processed on files.
  • All correspondence with Central or Provincial Governments on behalf of MCI.
  • All directives of the President and Prime Minister and correspondence from MCI Secretariat with follow up action on such Directives/correspondence.
  • Compilation of progress reports to the Central Government.
  • All National Assembly/Senate Questions.
Contact Details

Coordination Directorate, Executive Block No. V, CDA Main Secretariat, G-7/4, Islamabad