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Meeting of Chairman, Standing Committee on Kashmir Affairs and PHA with Mayor of Islamabad
Islamabad: July 17, 2017

Chairman, Standing Committee on Kashmir Affairs and PHA, Malik Ibrar (MNA) called on Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman, Capital Development Authority (CDA), Sheikh Anser Aziz at CDA at CDA Headquarters here on Monday. During the meeting, issues being faced by the locals due to dumping of waste at sector I-12 and encroachments at IJP Road were discussed.

Mayor of Islamabad and Chairman CDA, Sheikh Anser Aziz assured that keeping in consideration problems of the residents, very soon this site would be relocated but it would be also ensured that it would not disturb the public in future. Mayor of Islamabad said that in order to expand sanitation system in to the rural areas MCI would establish a modern Solid Waste Management System in city. In this connection, he added MCI will publish advertisement for calling expression of interest so that the traditional, old and dilapidated sanitation system would be replaced by a modern and state of the art system. This system would help dispose Solid Waste in scientific manner.

In connection with ongoing Anti Encroachment Operation along the IJP Road, Mayor of Islamabad Shiek Anser Aziz said that the operation is being carried out the Encroachment Mafia without any discrimination. However, the traders doing business within the allocated permission would not be disturbed. This operation is purely against the Mafia which has encroached the State Land and carried out illegal construction on the CDA land. He directed the Enforcement Directorate to conduct operations only against the elements which have encroached the State Land and traders who are doing business within the premises and in accordance with the law should not be disturbed. He said that the land vacated along the IJP Road would be used for development of the parks which would not only help provide more recreational facilities to the residents of the locality but would also add to the beauty of the city. He said that some elements are trying to oppose the operation and using the name of genuine traders, however, operation would only be carried out against the encroachers and illegal occupants.

Chairman, Standing Committee on Kashmir Affairs and PHA, Malik Ibrar (MNA) thanked Mayor of Islamabad Sheikh Anser Aziz for his assurance regarding resolving the issues of the residents. He said that elected representatives, under the leadership of Mayor of Islamabad, Sheikh Anser Aziz are delivering up to the expectations of the residents.