Directorate of Health Services

The Directorate of Health Services was established in 1984 with meager resources. Today, it has grown up to the status with a network of 13 Medical Centers and 02 mobile units, scattered at different locations within the municipal limits of Islamabad.

Islamabad,  the Federal Capital is the host city for foreign dignitaries and local important personalities. Therefore, it has been accorded special attention for the provision of primary to tertiary health care facilities.

The silent functions of DHS are:

To implement Pure Food Ordinance and Municipal Bye-Laws with the objective to control the disease spread and to improve hygienic conditions of all edible centers.

Implementation of  Programs like EPI, Polio Eradication, and Reproductive Health.

To provide primary health care services to the residents of Islamabad and CDA Employees by establishing fixed Medical Centers in urban sectors and through mobile units to the rural sectors located in the municipal limits of Islamabad.

Community Education for community participation and inter-sectoral collaboration.

To control Dengue and  Malaria by Larvicidal, spraying, and fogging activities in Islamabad.

Health Services in Islamabad are provided through


Operates within municipal limits of CDA except for EPI and Polio where rural areas along Peshawar GT Road are covered to support ICT Health Deptt

Health Deptt. MoNHS 

Operates in rural areas

MCI Health has several crucial responsibilities in the urban areas which are much more challenging and sensitively such as maintaining the quality of food, water, immunization, polio, dengue, etc.


Contact Details

Street 58, F-11/4, Near Masjid Al-Momin, Islamabad

Phone# 9267580/9267582